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Schooley Accessories

Schooley's De-Ma-Reel
Schooley's Balanced Hook
Schooley's De-Ma-Reel is molded of nylon and almost indestructible. This lightweight reel can be used on cane poles, etc..
Schooley's Balanced Hook is equipped with a size 10 Bronze hook with a hot color design that will attract more fish. These provide plenty of action in the water and are real fish getters.
Product # 1000
Product # 4
Available Colors
Schooley's Depth Marker Reel Pins
Schooley's Diver #1
Schooley's Depth Marker Reel Pins are sturdy plastic pins that insert easily into your De-Ma-Reel to stop playout of line at same depth each time. Discover where the fish are feeding and return to that depth after each catch.
Schooley's Diver #1 is a little heavier than our balanced hook and has a wider blade
Product # 15
Product # 11
Schooley's Diver #2
Schooley's Diver #2 is GREAT for panfishing.

Product # 22

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